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Make a Greater Impact and Grow both Personally and Professionally by adding DBT's Powerful Life Changing Skills into Your Existing Music Therapy Practice!

What is DBT?

Why use it in music therapy?

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I'll show you how DBT can benefit your clients (and your own life) and how other music therapists use DBT's practical life skills in their practice.

You can decide if it's something you'll want to use yourself. We'll also share many resources for how to do so.

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"Integrating DBT into Your Music Therapy Practice for Effective Results."



  • What is DBT anyway?
  • Help clients reduce impulsive behaviors with mindfulness skills
  • Music therapy ideas for you



  • Cope through difficult times
  • Distress tolerance & emotion regulation 
  • Music therapy ideas for you



  • Formula to communicate effectively
  • Interpersonal skills
  •  How to increase your tool- kit 

"I just want to take a minute and give a shout-out to Deborah and the team! Since starting this journey I feel I have found a home and reignited a spark that I didn't know was out!! Everyone involved has put so much time and effort into making this a meaningful experience and it shows! Thank you so much to Deborah, Suzanne, Bailey, Alice, Stephen and Lauren your dedication has made an impact on this Music Therapist and person. I can't wait to see where this takes me!"

- Hillary Cartner- Ambrose MT-BC


  • Already watched this webinar
  • Know a little about DBT
  • Are ready to deepen your knowledge of the skills and how to implement them with music therapy
  • Want a library of music therapy interventions

The Spiegel Academy offers many classes on DBT in Music Therapy.

We suggest you START HERE with the DBT in Music Therapy Resource Hub.