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As a DBT therapist, one of your biggest challenges may be finding effective and engaging ways to keep clients motivated and engaged in skills training.

Are you looking for a fresh and innovative way to enhance your clients' learning experience and help them achieve better outcomes? Ways to:

  • Make your DBT groups more engaging!
  • Make virtual groups more interactive!
  • Reach participants with different learning styles!
  • Enhance client ability to understand and apply DBT skills!
  • Provide a variation on skills groups for participants who are on a 2nd or 3rd cycle!

Introducing the

DBT Skills Mastery through Music Resource Library for Clinicians!

Our team of Board Certified Music Therapists and DBT-trained clinicians have created a comprehensive collection of readymade experiences, handouts, instructions, session plans, videos, and materials specifically designed for each DBT skill so your clients enthusiastically stay engaged!

This program is a way for you to provide a variation on skills groups that keeps everyone more interested and engaged in their therapeutic process and achieve better outcomes! Enhance client ability to understand and apply DBT skills so they experience a life worth living!

You don't even need to know a thing about music to use these resources!



Get  all access to a library of readymade creative music based experiences, handouts, instructions, session plans, videos, materials specially designed for each DBT skill. 


Instantly Useable

 Clear & concise videos demonstrate songs, activities, and how to apply them to the skills.  Download and print instructions, handouts, etc.


Make a Difference

Teach the material yourself or show your DBT participants our client videos.  Watch the engagement levels and retention levels soar!

Watch this video.

You'll see how our team of DBT informed music therapists help you strengthen the mindfulness skills with a creative twist.

What People are Saying

"I just want to take a minute and give a shout-out to Deborah and the team! Everyone involved has put so much time and effort into making this a meaningful experience and it shows! I always enjoy the resources. This gives me an alternative way to help my clients learn and remember the skills. They've made it interesting and interactive. I truly see the value. As a clinician who is not comfortable using music. I love that I can show the videos directly to my clients. "

- Hillary C.

"Thank you for this wonderful resource! I use it constantly for new creative ideas to engage my clients, and so did my intern. "

- Nola K.

"I want to share what happened today. I have a client who has ADHD and has difficulty retaining information. Once he learned the skills through song, he was able to tell the group word for word what the letters in DEARMAN stand for and how to use it. (He said he then had the DEARMAN song stuck in his head for hours.) This is huge! Thank you so much for helping clients like him remember the skills."

-Deborah S.


Who created this? Who are you?

We are a group of Board Certified Music Therapists who are here to help you get a more engaging experience for your clients.

We all have completed Behavioral Tech’s DBT Skills Training Program, as well as a comprehensive year long DBT informed Music Therapy Training program that includes clinical supervision from a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified PsyD clinician. 

We all have experience facilitating DBT informed music therapy groups, and are often found co-leading skills training groups with psychologists, social workers, and other DBT skills group leaders.

Our creative team met together every week for over a year to create original material for DBT clinicians and group leaders to use to supplement the skills training experience. We can't wait to show it to you! We're not done either...This year we will be adding ideas for youth.

Click here to read about each of the team members.

Can I play these videos for my clients?

Yes! There are recordings for YOU, the leader, with handouts and instructions. There are also client versions of the activities so you can just play those directly for your group or client.

Can my clients access these on their own?

Yes! We have a client version of the entire program that has everything directed at them, including homework assignments. Clinicians can earn commissions for referring clients to the client version of the program.

This is a great way for clients to review skills on their own, or even to get started learning skills while they wait to get into a too full skills training group.

The client version is setup to drip out one skill per week for 2 weeks in a row, followed by an implementation week, with a total of 52 weeks of content! Participants will have a growing library of skills along with creative activities to strengthen those skills that they can refer back to. They also get a monthly zoom group meeting with a qualified DBT Informed Board Certified Music Therapist to get their questions answered and get some individualized support, and will belong to an online supportive private forum.

"I love that this membership makes me feel safe in an online environment. The skills taught are life skills and crucial skills to know to be present and tolerate distress and manage emotions. They say music is healing. And that is why I joined. To find healing through Music and to be able to utilize the skills learned in my every day life. I would highly recommend this membership to anyone wanting a better life for themselves. Through this course I have managed to change my life around. I have long way yet to go but have come far through this course. This is a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills training experience using music to help build skills mastery. The instructors are very good at teaching the skills in an engaging way. Thank you DBT Mastery through Music for allowing me to grow and share my journey with you all. " - Luiza M -DBT Warrior- (client version of membership)

Is there a discount for a facility?

Yes! Prices go down for over 10 users, and we offer generous commissions for referring clients.

Is it worth it?

Investing in your professional development is an investment in your future. With DBT Skills Mastery through Music, you will be equipped with new tools and techniques to help your clients achieve lasting change. And this is well worth the investment!

How much time does it take?

We know that you are busy, and that's why we have designed the Resource Library to be easy to use and implement into your practice. The materials are concise, well-organized, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can study at your own pace, and with the convenience of digital access, you can take advantage of small pockets of time throughout your day.

Will it add value to my existing skills training?

Our Resource Library is specifically tailored to help DBT clinicians enhance their skills training sessions and better serve their clients. Our content is created and curated by experienced DBT therapists who have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing clinicians like you. We are confident that the DBT Skills Mastery through Music Resource Library will provide you with fresh perspectives and strategies to add value to your practice.

How do I know its effective to use music to teach DBT skills?

We understand that using music to teach DBT skills may be a new concept for some clinicians. The DBT Skills Mastery through Music Resource Library has been developed by experienced music therapists and DBT clinicians who have seen firsthand the powerful impact of music on learning and skill development. Rest assured that the DBT Skills Mastery through Music Resource Library has been developed based on evidence-based practices and has been used successfully by clinicians. We are confident that the content will help you broaden your therapeutic approach, and deliver positive outcomes for your clients.

In a recent study completed at Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital, a music therapist and a psychologist compared traditional DBT skills groups with skills training that included music therapy.  The results on client outcomes were favorable for music therapy.  The results were released in the Journal of Music Therapy in June of 2022. 

Start your journey with the DBT Skills Mastery through Music Resource Library today. We encourage you to try it for yourself and see the results.



Resource Library for Clinicians

  • Library of creative music-based exercises and activities

Specifically tailored to help strengthen each of the emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, middle path, and mindfulness skills. You'll have full access to grab a creative intervention for any skill you are teaching and enhance your skills training experience.

  • Reach more clients in an engaging manner

Engage your clients who used to struggle due to different learning styles, and enjoy that they are now having fun learning & are remembering the skills. The Resource Library activities allow you to offer variations on skills groups for participants who are on their second or third cycle, so you can keep the content fresh and engaging.

  • Save time

Our resource library helps you create more meaningful DBT groups while enhancing client understanding and generalization without adding extra time to your busy schedule and YOU don't have to know a thing about music to use these. .



Bonus #1: Consultation Groups

You can attend zoom consultation meetings with expert DBT Skills Mastery through Music coaches, where you can get collaborative input, support and guidance with the implementation, making your skills groups more engaging. You will be part of an exclusive community along with other DBT clinicians.

Bonus #2: Virtual Retreats

Get unique resources to enhance your practice. This bonus gives you tickets to two annual virtual retreats where you'll see presentations of innovative ways others are using DBT and music in a variety of settings.s area

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